New GHS Regulation: Digital Label Printing System for Labels With Standardized Pictograms

The CX1200e Digital Colour Label Press by Primera Technology enables manufacturers of chemicals to produce high-quality product labels with the new hazard pictograms according to the CLP (Classification, Labeling and Packaging) Regulation. Therefore, the CX1200e is perfect for all manufacturers, retailers and packaging companies in the chemical industry. “We believe that the demand for digital colour label presses is currently very high – especially in the chemical industry. Because of the new GHS Regulation each product needs to be labeled with newly designed hazard labels to visualize and classify the type of hazard,” said Andreas Hoffmann, managing director of Primera Technology Europe. “Especially for so-called ‘substances’ time is running, because the EU GHS must be applied to them since December 1st, 2010, and to ‘mixtures’ starting June 1st, 2015.”

CX1200e is the perfect solution to print from just a few labels to tens of thousands of labels at a time. Digital label printing has many advantages versus other printing technologies, including the elimination of plates, set-up, make-ready and clean-up. Utilizing one of the fastest and highest-resolution colour laser engines available, CX1200e delivers printing speeds of 5 m per minute and a print resolution of 2400 dpi for smoother gradations, sharper text and graphics. The high-yield toner cartridges have a capacity for 4,600 m at 216 mm web width (calculated at 20% toner concentration). That guarantees an economical and efficient operation.

The perfect match for the CX1200e is the new FX1200e Digital Finishing Solution, which offers, in one single process, the ability to laminate, die cut, slit, rewind and remove the waste matrix. Finishing speeds of up to 6.1 meters per minute are accomplished with Primera’s patent-pending exclusive QuadraCut™ technology. QuadraCut uses up to four knife blades at a time across the web. This feature dramatically increases throughput compared to systems that have just a single blade.

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