New PEF technology for solids offers opportunities

By reconstructing a laboratory PEF-installation into a batch-process, TOP has succeeded in being able to treat solid, non-pumpable foods. The innovation company is now looking for partners to explore the many possibilities in food production.

Classic PEF-machines (Pulse Electric Field) are being used to pasteurize liquid products in a continuous system. Reconstructing the PEF-installation into a batch-process, allows for solid, non-pumpable foods to be treated.

The new PEF-technology makes it possible to break open biological cells in solid products with an electric field. The opening of cells can speed up extraction processes, pressing and drying of foods. This new approach makes it possible to improve the texture of solid products, like carrot. Next to that it can influence microbiological cells in for instance fermented products. 

This means, for example, that apple juice production can be optimized by giving the apple a PEF treatment. By first treating the ingredients with PEF, many cells will be opened before pressing. This means the pressed product will produce more juice than when being pressed without PEF-treatment. Which leads to less waste and more juice.

TOP bv is now looking for partners who want to research whether the batch-PEF is valuable for their production. Innovative parties that want to take the lead over their competitors are hereby invited to come and test. The innovation company is looking for producers of pressed products like fruit and vegetable juices, olive oil and wine, and for producers that want to extract ingredients from food products.

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